Saturday, 31 July 2010

K-Links health concept

Pollution of air and water is well known factors that we are aware of, but there are also other sources of pollution that affects our bodies. Many people have poor dietary habits, toxins, chemicals used on fruit and vegetables we eat, antibiotics and drugs, stress and lack of excercise, radiation from electrical equipment around us are things to put into concideration.
Therefore it is important that everyone take responsibility for their own health and treat our bodies the best we can.
K-links health concept is based on a big part of our health problems is associated with unclean intestine. Our intake of modern raffined food is disturbing our normal bowel movement and consumed food accumulated in the colon after digestion will become harmful materials which will intoxicate oneself, hence leading to contaminated blood, illness and ageing.
Four main elements in our Total Health Consept: Cleansing: Removes harmful toxins in order to achieve a clean and harmonious body. We recommend Kinotakara.
Balancing: Provides balanced and sufficient nutrients to the body. We recommend Spirulina and Bio –Green.
Activating: Provides balanced nutrients to enable the body cells to normalize. We recommend Spirulina and Roiboos tea.
Defending: When balance is restored it is important to keep it.The process of cleansing, balancing and activating is repeated for 3 - 6 months to enable our body to establish a strong defense against
disease. Kinotakara and Spirulina is recommended in periods and Roiboos tea on a daily basis.
Please contact your distributor to get more information on how you can improve your health by using K-link's program..

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