Saturday, 21 April 2012



I'll Never Forget

You may not remember
Everything I have done for you
Everything you have done for me
But I do

You may have forgotten
That I loved you for you
That you never needed to change
But I remember

You may have changed
But the real you still shines through
You still brighten even the darkest of days
You no longer treat me the same
Yet I am still trying
I can see your still there
Hidden, dug under the surface

Things haven�t always been great
We had our ups and downs
As all friends do
But we were there for each other
Now you have locked yourself away

I�ll never forget
The way you made me feel
The way you still make me feel
I will never,
Never forget each time you flirt with another guy
I will forever remember your past
I will always be tormented by you

Though time has passed
Nothings changed
I am living the past

I remember...
I remember those times
Both the good and the bad
I remember how I used to love you
How you turned me down
How you broke my heart
But now it is mended
It still beats for you
My love
My first and only love

I will never forget.....

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